Rudy Brinkman Singer Songwriter Producer Home Recording StudioRock Solid Blues, Folk Rock and Christian Rock from the LoftStudio, the Netherlands. Welcome to the Solid Rock Blues Band!

Music with a message. Entertaining music. Music that makes you laugh. Music that  makes you think. That’s what I’m aiming for. And perhaps it will even make you cry…

Music is emotion. Our Emotion. Your Emotion. Music moves. Music is universal. Nobody excluded.

Here you’ll find Blues, Rock, Country, Gospel and other songs. Many of them are available for free. Hosted on Youtube, AudioMack and Soundcloud. Recorded in the Netherlands at the LoftStudio (ZolderStudio).

Many songs are made available for free, non commercial, use. Do not distribute without prior written permission. Check out the NEWS section for the latest updates, videos and new releases!


Out now on Spotify, CDBaby, BandCamp, Soundcloud, Drooble and many more!

Our latest release, containing six original songs, is now available on all major platforms for free streaming as well as available as download from CDBaby and BandCamp in hq audio formats for only $4.95.

Click to listen on Spotify.


This website is all about music. And most of it is free. Yes, free!

The Solid Rock Blues Band is a “one man band” (studio) project and the music recorded are original compositions as well as covers.


All songs recorded at our home studio, “De Zolderstudio” (The Loft Studio). Dutch only. Read some about the studio in English here.  hardware, software and the instruments we use are listed at this page.


We’ve also created some music video’s for our songs (Click here for the video’s). On our Youtube channel there are also several video’s about home recording, reviews and demo’s.