Eleven blues, rock and folk influenced songs, exploring today’s society. With all its beautiful but also it’s dark sides.

Stone-Blind is the 20th album released!

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PRERELEASE | Thoughts And Prayers ft Jay Hud

Available on SoundClick, AudioMack, BandCamp and ReverbNation: Thoughts And Prayers ft. Jay Hud. Rock, Rap, Crossover.

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This website is all about music. And most of it is free. Yes, free!

The Solid Rock Blues Band is a “one man band” (studio) project and the music recorded are original compositions as well as covers.


All songs recorded at our home studio, “De Zolderstudio” (The Loft Studio). Dutch only. Read some about the studio in English here.  hardware, software and the instruments we use are listed at this page.


We’ve also created some music video’s for our songs (Click here for the video’s). On our Youtube channel there are also several video’s about home recording, reviews and demo’s.