About the ‘Solid Rock Blues Band’
Rudy Brinkman Singer Songwriter Producer Home Recording Studio

— A guitar player and singer from the Netherlands, Rudy¬† has all the chops and lyrical talent to tell a compelling story. Drooble, April 24, 2018

Music inspired by Blues, Rock, Independent, Folk-Rock and Christian Rock from the LoftStudio, the Netherlands!

The Solid Rock Blues Band, previously known as Barking Aunts, is a solo music project that started in 2000. It’s a studio-band, with help of family and friends.

The Solid Rock Blues Band singles and albums are distributed worldwide by Amuse and also available at BandCamp.

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Solid Rock Blues Band

The Solid Rock Blues Band is a music project that started in 2000, when I started recording at home. It is a Home recording studio project for several musicians and songwriters but mainly for Rudy aka The Solid Rock Blues Band project (previously known as the Barking Aunts project and before that as YAOMB, meaning: Yet Another One Man Band).

I do a lot of co-writing with others, and record demo’s for and with other artists and bands in my Home Recording Studio (LoftStudio).

Band/artist history

I started playing guitar at age 16. After a few years I more or less stopped playing on a regular basis. In 2000, I got back to playing guitar on a more regular base and also started recording using a computer. Over the years I’ve played rhythmguitar in several bands and also play in a band in a local baptist church about once a month.

This has now resulted in a fully functional, small, home recording studio where I’ve recorded several solo albums as well as albums with others and recorded and produced demo’s and full albums for Ten Years Today, Mirjam Tamara (singer-songwriter) and others. Click here to listen to audio-samples and full songs recorded at The Loft Studio.