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The music of the Solid Rock Blues Band (previously known as the Barking Aunts Project) is available online at SoundCloud, Youtube and AudioMack.  Many of them are available as a free download!



Released April 15, 2018 – A mix of Blues, Country Folk, Folk Rock and Indie Rock from the Netherlands. Recorded at the ZolderStudio Home Studio.

All rights ©2018 reserved, Solid Rock Blues Band
Cover-songs licensed trough TuneLicensing, March 2018.

“Rudy has all the chops and lyrical talent to tell a compelling story. Down For The Count, his full-length record, has no less than eight of these — and most of them have something to do with a woman. He Stopped Loving Her Today is the broken-hearted man’s musical manifesto, and the bluesy/country goods don’t stop here” – Drooble.

The album contains original songs as well as covers from songs written by Larry Norman, Bob Dylan, Rex Griffin and Bobby Braddock & Curly Putman.


  1. The Last Letter (2:44). Words & Music Rex Griffin
  2. He Stopped Loving Her Today (3:11) Words & Music © Bobby Braddock & Curly Putman
  3. Down For The Count (5:02) Words & Music © R Brinkman/RJF Mensies
  4. Why Can’t You Be Good (3:02) Words & Music © Larry Norman
  5. Miserable (2:15) Words & Music © R. Brinkman/J. Zheutlin
  6. You Angel You (2:46) Words & Music © Bob Dylan
  7. Hide My Face (4:22) Words & Music © R. Brinkman
  8. House of the Rising Sun (8:04) Traditional

All instruments and vocals on the album are by Rudy. The album was recorded at the Loft Studio (Zolderstudio). It features a Gretsch Electromatic guitar on many tracks, as well as a vintage Hondo guitar. All recordings were recorded and mixed using Ardour running on a Linux based system (KXStudio).


The below is a short selection of songs available. Click or ‘tap’ on one of the songs to play! The full list of all songs can be found at AudioMack.




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