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Aren’t we all blinded? Through love, fear, resentment, circumstances, politics, social developments? Eleven songs with blues, rock and folk influences, exploring today’s society. With all its beautiful but also dark sides. Loss, broken hearts, death and destruction. But also a nice walk, love and sometimes… a feeling of joy and happiness.


New 2022 Release Stone-Blind


Released: October 2020

After a few months of lock down a new album emerged from the LoftStudio. Not able to work or record with others in the studio this is a solo-album by the General Overseer of the Solid Rock Blues Band, Rudy.


Don't Say We're Over Solid Rock Blues Band homerecording blues and rock music project

Solid Rock Blues Band Solar Powered LoveSOLAR POWERED LOVE

Released: April 27, 2020

The year 2020 marks the release of the 18th album of home-recording artist and solo studio project “Solid Rock Blues Band” (previously know as Barking Aunts and YAOMB). After almost 20 years of recording and releasing the 18th album I guess we’re now to be considered ‘mature’ as a music project? The album is availble at BandCamp and Reverbnation.

The album contains 7 original songs, all written & composed by ©2020 R. Brinkman except for “The Second Time”, a co-write ©2020 of R.J.F. Mensies & R. Brinkman. All instruments were played and/or programmed by Rudy and recorded at the LoftStudio, The Netherlands.


01 – Life on Facebook (VIDEO)
02 – Happiness in Full Size
03 – Solar Powered Love Song
04 – The Second Time
05 – Liberated By Force
06 – My Hero Was A Servant
07 – The Mad Men Show

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The album is availble for only US$ 4.00 (HQ-audio). If you buy if from ReverbNation you’ll get a lower audio-quality (mp3-format).

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