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The End Of The Street Top10!

The recently released single “The End of the Street” has now been charting for over a week at Drooble’s Top50 Blues Charts. The track is available as a free single (“Name Your Price”) at Bandcamp and also available for free streaming at Drooble and SoundClick.

Thank you so much for listening! We’re really happy about the number of plays we got at Drooble for this last single. If you’re a musician or in a band, check them out. Click here to subscribe (and yes, it’s free, no strings attached).



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He Stopped Loving Her Today (George Jones cover) now charting

We’re verry happy to announce that the song “He Stopped Loving Her Today” went straight in to the country charts at Drooble after it was released on Drooble Radio!


You can listen to the song at Drooble by clicking this link.


The song is one of the tracks of the first album by the Solid Rock Blues Band, “DOWN FOR THE COUNT“.

The Album is also available at Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and other online platforms. At BandCamp it is available trough a “Whatever you can afford” or “name your price” policy.

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Miserable hits the ReverbNation charts! Over 2,000 plays on SoundCloud!

The new song Miserable is charting now at ReverbNation (at #21 yesterday) and much to our surprise got well over 2,000 plays this week at SoundCloud! Mostly from Canada so it seems like Canada likes the track a lot and we’re thrilled they do!

Over there the song got well over 1,500 plays alone out of the 2,036 plays at this moment. So “shout out!” to #Canada for the love we got for this song! We have not been able to find what (online) stations or websites have been playing the song but a big and humble THANKS from the Solid Rock Blues Band and the composers Rudy & James.

Miserable – Solid Rock Blues Band.

Video can be found at Youtube.

Download the single at:

Also available for free streaming at:


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Miserable – official video out now!

It’s a cartoon. It tells it all. Simple story. Happens so many times. Here’s the official videoclip for the first official release of the Solid Rock Blues Band, “Miserable”. 

To read more about the release, the recording and links where to buy or stream click here.


Miserable – Solid Rock Blues Band. Download the single at:

Also available for free streaming at:

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Newspaper (Sucker for a Sad Story)

We’ve released a new song this week: “Newspaper (Sucker for a Sad Story)”. The song is based on some real life encounters with people “living on the streets”. It’s a free download.

Some details about the instruments and recording:

– Drums: FXpansion ECO Drums
– Guitars: Gretsch g5420t Electromatic
– Bass: Harley Benton MM 84A SB Deluxe

Recording software: Ardour & MixCraft
Vocal Mic: BM-800

The song is also available at SoundCloud.

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Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the all new Solid Rock Blues Band website! On this site we’ll post a bundle of songs, video’s, news and updates about this ongoing project. 

The Solid Rock Blues Band is, for the time being, a studioproject. All songs are recorded at the ZolderStudio (“Loft Studio”) in Gronngen, the Netherlands.

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