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DIY Guitar Upgrade: stratocaster mini humbucker (from China)

Upgrading your guitar, especially a stratocaster, telecaster or les paul model, isn’t too difficult. You can buy complete kits for it, or just put in some new pickups yourself. A few years ago I build a stratocaster from material left over from other guitar kits. I “painted” it by mixing ink and water and rub it into the wood. After that I sprayed clear lacquer over the body and put oil on the neck.

For some years I hardly played on it. It is a nice guitar and it plays very well, it has, for example, a very low action, I already had a stratocaster (Fender Starcaster) though. Some time ago I bought a “mini humbucker” from Geek (or eBay, I’m not sure). Anyway, I spend almost nothing on it. To see if it was any good, I put it into my DIY stratocaster.

Here’s the now upgraded and finished guitar. I love how it looks and how it plays. Even though the mini humbucker or ‘hotrod’ doesn’t turn out that good. Combined with the middle pickup it does give a nice ‘growl’ especially if you use some overdrive or distortion on your amp.



In the video below you can hear how the guitar sounds now. I played it over my Fame (Fender copy) amp, with a touch of reverb on it and I go trough all the positions with the selector.



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People from Russia seem to like us a lot, …

The past few days this website was having a lot of interest from Russia. Over 4,000 “visits” from our friends in Eastern Europe. I think perhaps a blog wrote a raving review about our songs, .. or, .. erhm,.. no. It seems most hits came from a series of ip-adresses to some specific page. The login-section of this website. Trying to ‘hack’ the website. What a waste of bandwith.

If you are from Russia however and like our songs, please feel free to listen. The songs can be found here and here’s a lot of stuff too. If you’re trying to break in to this website, well… There’s not much to find here. Still, we have a login protection and update the software on a regular base. And I’ll take it a step further today. Only my ip-address is allowed to enter the site’s login page.

For those of you interested in how to block unwanted visitors to your WordPress login page this is how it works. Create or edit the .htaccess file on your hosting location (webserver that hosts your website). In it, add something like this:

<Files wp-login.php>
 order deny,allow
 Deny from all
# whitelist IP address
# enter your IP at the xx-markers
allow from

Enjoy a secure login!

Of course you should also keep your band website up-to-date and use a good security plugin, like WP Security.

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