Special Kind of Cruel (pre​-​release)

Special Kind of Cruel - Afbeelding van Amy via Pixabay

As of this week the pre-release of a new album has been made available on BandCamp. The EP-version of the album, Special Kind of Cruel, contains four songs and is available for free streaming and there’s also a paid download available at BandCamp. The album includes only original songs including two brand new songs: Gas …

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Thoughts And Prayers ft Jay Hud

Thoughts And Prayers (single release)

Available on SoundClick, AudioMack, BandCamp and ReverbNation: Thoughts And Prayers ft. Jay Hud. Rocksong mixed up with Rap. A true  Crossover! Thoughts And Prayers is a song about the mass shootings in the USA. The song is a co-write of three songwriters: Jesse (Jay Hud), James & Rudy. — Remixed version available as of July …

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Isabando Fantasia #1 SoundClick

Solid Rock Blues Band Charts at SoundClick

Available now! Isabando Fantasia, an instrumental blues rock song with influences from The Shadows and the famous Dutch Indorock bands from the sixties! Available at SoundCloud and SoundClick exclusivly! The name of the song is a mashup of the brand names of the guitars used. Hondo, Samick, Ibanez. I have been influenced by The Shadows …

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By The Hand Of Men (Original Easter Song, Acoustic)

By The Hand of Men original acoustic song about Easter

Live Acoustic recording from the livingroom “By The Hand Of Men”. An Easter Song. He’s Alive! Happy Easter! It’s not easy to write an original song about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection of Christ is sung about in many songs. These words came to me a few days ago. There was no …

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New 2022 Release Stone-Blind

Help the Refugees from the Ukraine! All sales proceeds to Ukrainian Refugees! Download from BandCamp at https://barkingaunts.bandcamp.com/album/stone-blind Ukrainian refugees Ukrainian refugees need help. That’s why proceeds of the sale of the latest Solid Rock Blues Band album on March 4, 2022 will be donated to “Giro 555” (national refugee help in the Netherlands). BandCamp wil …

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Shotgun Angel (coversession)

Shotgun Angel Drooble Charts Herman en Rudy

Herman (Drums) & Rudy (Guitar, vocals) got together last summer and recorded three cover songs: Shotgun Angel by Daniel Amos, Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith and 40 by U2. A fun unrehearsed session. The songs are now available at Drooble and SoundCloud. The last song that was mixed and finished was Shotgun Angel by Daniel …

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The Fat Man’s Blues “Hey Baby!”

Hey Babe! (Fat Man Blues)

Too Fat to Share the Bed? The Fat Man’s Blues “Hey Baby!” is out now! The Fat Man’s Blues “Hey Baby!” now available on Drooble, SoundCloud and BandCamp (download available for €0.75 at BandCamp). They say every instrument has it’s own song and we can’t agree more. After buying a new, budget but great sounding, …

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Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith cover)

dancing barefoot studio session

Raw Studio Footage “Dancing Barefoot” (cover) (no shredding here, only good old fashioned acoustic guitars 🙂 ) Yesterday someone I got to know trough Facebook, Herman, and I came together in my home studio to record the basic tracks for a set of cover songs we both like. Including this one, by Patti Smith’s “Dancing …

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