Playing in a band

Today I’ve been playing at a show in a village close to us where a band (formed by several people rotating on stage playing coversongs) – the picture above was taken earlier. I’m at the right, playing the green Gretsch.

The concept is rather unique. Pupils of a local music teacher play songs they learned from him. They play bass, guitar and drums. A (young) musician get’s on stage, joins in for a few songs, and get’s off stage and another one takes his place. This way all students can have their ‘moment of fame’ on stage and get used to play in front of an audience. They play for their parents, friends and other people who like to watch. No entrance fee.

They’ve been doing this for many years now. About two years ago the music teacher and a few other adults, including me, formed a band and we played on the shows also. The band stopped playing after about a year. Anyway, there’s video footage of one of the shows!


I was asked to come over today and play a few songs. And of course I couldn’t resist. So I’ve been on stage again after having been off stage for almost 2 years. Took my camera’s with me and shot some videofootage and took some pictures.

More pictures of today’s show (not including me, I was taking them!) can be found at this website.

Perhaps one day the Solid Rock Blues Band will be more than only a studioproject and I´ll be on stage again. Hope so. Because today felt good. I missed playing in front of an audience.

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