The “ZolderStudio” (Dutch for “The Loft Studio”) is a small, home based, studio in Noordhorn, the Netherlands. All songs for this project as well as other music projects and albums for other artists are recorded at the ZolderStudio.

The (Dutch) website can be found at Below is a ‘shortlist’ of hardware and software used at the ZolderStudio. Please note, the list is somewhat incomplete.

The studio is a “low budget” studio. This has been made possible by buying materials on sale, second hand and because of the fact a lot of the ‘gear’ you see here has been given to me for free! Apart from that, I’ve build the computer myself and use Open Source software (Linux based recording).


  • DIY computer, Intel i3 550/3.2 Ghz/16GB Ram & OZC SSD (120GB)
  • Audio Interface: Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD (4 in/4 out)
  • Mixer(s):
    • SoundTech ST162 (16 channel mixer)
    • Behringer Eurorack (6 Channel mixer)
  • EDIFIER Studio R1280T Monitor Speakers

Additional equipment:

  • SkyTech “Karaoke” PA-system (monitoring, listening)
  • Behringer UCA222 Interface (Mixer <-> Computer)
  • Fostex X-26 (4-track tape deck)

The mixers are both analog mixers, connected to the computer using a Behringer UCA interface. This is not by choice, I happened to have bought the Behringer mixer (on sale) before USB-audio got big and the SoundTech was given to me for free.They both have a true, great, vintage analog sound and great preamps for the (condenser) mic’s.


I love using Open Source since there is no license fee involved and the Open Source concept is one of my favorite ideas. I’ve written several software programs in the past also and distributed them as freeware.

  • Linux (Linux Mint)
  • Mixbus5 (DAW)
  • Ardour (DAW)


  • MXL770 Studio Condenser (review)
  • McCrypt Condenser (“retired”)
  • BM 800 Condenser
  • Shure C606 dynamic
  • t.Bone EM700, matched pair, Stereo Condenser
  • Shure PG81 condenser


I have a lot of instruments at my studio/home, so I’m only listing the ones I use on my projects on a regular base. I’ve been collecting these instruments over the years and still buy new stuff (including used stuff of course).

Electric guitars

  • Gretsch g5420t Electromatic (aspen green)
  • Harley Benton TE-52 NA Vintage Series Telecaster (review/demo)
  • Hondo H-175/BL (vintage!)
  • “Starcaster” (Fender) Stratocaster.
  • SAGA Les Paul (DIY guitar, from a guitar kit)
  • Stratocaster  (DIY guitar, from a guitar kit)
  • Harley Benton MM 84A SB Deluxe (bass guitar)

Acoustic guitars

  • Samick Greg Bennett GD-101 SCE/N Electro-acoustic (Review/demo)
  • Washburn WD-42S (acoustic)
  • L’Arida electro-acoustic (“spanish” guitar)

Other instruments

  • Akai Mini MPK Keyboard
  • Tambourine
  • Harps (several keys)

Apart from the above I also use a desktop computer (situated in the living room) for mixing and, sometimes, recording. It is also a Linux Mint based computer with Ardour. Of course there are several pedals also as well as  two amps, monitoring system and so on…