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Album Review “Down for the Count” on Drooble

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Drooble, the social music website, reviewed the album “Down for the Count” today on their blog. Here’s the full text. Almost needless to say we’re very happy with this review (we, yes. Since even though it’s a solo project there are co-writers involved). A guitar player and singer from the Netherlands, Rudy Brinkman has all  … Read more

Down for the Count – Album PRE RELEASE on SoundCloud & BandCamp

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Today we’ve pre-released the new album “Down for the Count” on SoundCloud. The album includes songs that were made available for some time and new tracks. It also includes the #1 single “Miserable” (over 2,000 plays on SoundCloud alone). On the album there are several cover songs as well as original songs. It will be  … Read more

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