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The Road To Barna

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A song inspired by pictures of Barna, Ireland. Some, perhaps surreal, poetry. Lyrics mixed up with haughtiness and a simple beat with wide vintage guitar drenched in reverb. And no, .. never made it to Barna. Not yet.

Lyrics – The Road To Barna

Road to Barna SoundCloud DownloadWords & Music ©2020 R. Brinkman/Solid Rock Blues Band

Like a lake, pretending to be an ocean
and the moon, pretends to be a star
you pass me by,
as you walk down the street

Like a leaf, pretends to be an tree
and a clock pretends it’s controlling time
your head keeps noddin’ on the beat

So here I am,
try to earn some karma
will it be enough
to pave the way to Barna?

Like a tree, pretends to be an forest
and a drop, pretends to be the rain
you just whist when you pass me by

I want to be
on that road to Barna
hear the Atlantic,
I’ll be there to warn ya..

it’s callin’ me, callin’ me
it’s callin’ me, callin’ me

Recording details

Song recorded at ‘the LoftStudio’.

Recorded using:
– Mixbus DAW
– Behringer UMC404HD interface
– Hondo (vintage) electric guitar
– Harley Benton MM84ASB (bass guitar
– Drums: AVL Drums
– Vocal mic: AKG C900 Condenser

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