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By The Hand Of Men (Original Easter Song, Acoustic)

By The Hand of Men original acoustic song about Easter

Live Acoustic recording from the livingroom “By The Hand Of Men”. An Easter Song. He’s Alive! Happy Easter!

It’s not easy to write an original song about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection of Christ is sung about in many songs.

These words came to me a few days ago. There was no time to record it in the studio so I recorded the song in an acoustic version with my smartphone in the living room.

(original easter song)
All rights ©2022 reserved R. Brinmkan, Solid Rock Blues Band

On a Cross, on a hill
He died by the hand of men
On a Cross, long ago
We remember now and then

On a Cross, long ago,
A sacrafice, the dices rolled
On a Cross, on a hill
He died by the hand of men

Lord above, why oh Lord
Hast Thou forsaken me,
Lord above, in Your hand
I command my soul


Death no longer scares us now
The lamb that rose out of the grave
Defeated darkness, out for our soul

On a Cross, long ago,
A sacrafice, the dices rolled
On a Cross, on a hill
He died by the hand of men
He died by the hand of men ..

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New album (EP) “The End Of The Street”

Songs with Blues, Rock & Roll, Country Rock and Indie Rock influences and with a touch of Post Punk. Guitar oriented songs using Gretsch and Telecaster electric guitars as well as acoustic guitars, an occasional keyboard and even tambourines.. the Solid Rock Blues Band at it’s best!

Proud to announce another EP from my one-man-band-studio-project was released on BandCamp, SoundCloud and of course on Drooble!

The album consists of original songs only and one of them was a co-write with my friend and fellow Drooble user James Zheutlin with vocal contributions of singer Judith S.

Available on BandCamp of course and also on CDBaby and (soon) on all major streaming platforms. It contains three songs already on Drooble (but I’ve now updated them with the mastered versions of course).

Hope you like it as much as I did writing and recording it.

The album is available for download (only $4.95) and free streaming at BandCamp. It is also available for free streaming at Drooble and SoundCloud.





All rights reserved ©2019 Solid Rock Blues Band.
Recorded & Mixed at the ZolderStudio (Loft Studio) using Mixbus5.
Mastering by BandLab.


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