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Thoughts And Prayers ft Jay Hud

Thoughts And Prayers (single release)

Available on SoundClick, AudioMack, BandCamp and ReverbNation: Thoughts And Prayers ft. Jay Hud. Rocksong mixed up with Rap. A true  Crossover! Thoughts And Prayers is a song about the mass shootings in the USA. The song is a co-write of three songwriters: Jesse (Jay Hud), James & Rudy.

Thoughts And Prayers ft Jay Hud

The song was initially released as a pre-release on SoundClick only and started charting almost instantly in the Rock-charts. After only a few days it landed in the Top10 and has stayed there for a few days now. Today the final mix was released on SoundClick, AudioMack, BandCamp and ReverbNation. It was also submitted to fifteen online streaming platforms including Spotify. The song will be available on them soon.

Recorded and mixed at the Loft Studio and additional vocals recorded and remixing and mastering by Jay Hud, creator of the well-known Vocal King  VST-plugin. He previously also remixed the song “Summertime” for the Solid Rock Blues Band project.

James has co-wrote several songs with Rudy in the past like UPS Delivery Girl and many others. James’ music can be found on BandCamp, SoundClick and many other sites.

Lyrics Thoughts And Prayers

Thoughts And Prayers
Words & Music ©2023 Jesse, James & Rudy

The street I grew up in
ain’t my home no more
dealers cross the street
and cops at the door
The schools children go to
ain’t safe no more
shots during lunch
bodies at the floor

Thoughts and prayers
is that all we can do?
Thoughts and prayers
For the lives they blew?
Thoughts and prayers
killing is a sin
but we all want them guns
we’re in – up to the chin!

People dying, families crying,
Lives are lost, by our gun laws,
It’s time for change, Can’t stay the same,
How many more, will die in vain?
Guns in the wrong hands, tearing through our lands,
United we stand divided we fall
We need to take a stand and push gun laws

It is time, to go
and make a song
And we’re havin’ fun,
while we’re jammin out
this is what we do,
all the time
and we’re feeling so blessed
making songs right now


Now mister, the NRA
Might sponsor your seat
the right bear Arms
is it more important
than your grandchildrens’ lives?
you cherish your guns
while the poor have no food to eat ?


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