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Every Guitar has it’s own song .. SAMICK Greg Bennett GD-101

Some time ago I heard a guitarplayer say, when he got a new guitar, “I’m curious what songs this guitar will teach me”. I happen to agree with that. Everytime I pick up another guitar, songs come out that couldn’t have happened on a different guitar..

This week I’ve bought a new guitar at an online auction – a SAMICK Greg Bennett GD-101 SCE/N. For a short review of the guitar, done the day it arrived, see the video below.

When strumming and testing the guitar I played a simple chord progression (C-F-G-C) and suddenly I made up a few words that fitted the playing (imho). I sang the words and recorded them with my smartphone and took the guitar into the studio, .. And so here it is, one of the shortest songs I’ve ever recorded. In case the below doesn’t work for you, use this link to listen. Oh, and,.. it’s a free download.

I’m positive this will be the new ‘acoustic workhorse’ for my studio. It’s a great electro-acoustic guitar and the Fishman preamp has a fantastic sound. The acoustic sound is something I’ll need to get used to I’m afraid. I’ve been playing a Washburn guitar for over 12 years and that guitar had a very distinct sound that I really loved but failed to capture it in the studio in such a way that I liked it enough. I did use it in some recordings but most of the time mixed “far away” as an additional guitar.



Please note, the first part is the guitar’s sound as the camera picks it up. The second part is the same music but it was recorded trough my computer from the guitar’s preamp. I ran it trough a “Karaoke Mixer” to my computer. It’s not studio-grade quality but will give a good impression I think.



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