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Radio Rejects (EP) Out Now. And it’s FREE!

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Are you looking for original Blues, Country and some raw Rock and Roll? Can’t afford much or perhaps even nothing for music? Pay whatever you can (“name your price”). Or download the album for free if you’re willing to allow us to add your email to our contact list at BandCamp. And we promise, we  … Read more

Full Back Catalog Now Available as a FREE Download!

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As of today, the full back catalog of the former “Barking Aunts Project” and the “Solid Rock Blues Band” are now available for FREE at the BandCamp website. Except for our most recent Single, No Limit (On Love) all albums, EP’s and other materials are now available as a “whatever you can afford” FREE download.  … Read more

What A Friend We Have In Jesus (free downloads at SoundCloud)

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Classic Christian Hymn’s, will we ever stop singing them? When growing up, this was one of the songs I heard a lot, in Dutch. The original version, in English, is also a beautiful song of comfort for those who feel alone, are worried or in need for some emotional support. If friends forsake you, there’s  … Read more

Rock & Roll Suits My Soul

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Classic Chrisitan Rock with a heavy blues touch and lyrics rooted in the early 70’s and 80’s Christian Rock music. That’s “Rock & Roll Suits My Soul”. A free download available at AudioMack and SoundCloud. The song was recorded and mixed at the ZolderStudio HomeStudio and will be part of the upcoming “Radio Rejects” album.  … Read more

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