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Lost Faith, Lost Hope – New original song!

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A new, original, song has been released on AudioMack. And there’s more to come in the near future as we’re working on yet another new album. An acoustic demo of the song was released earlier on Youtube (click for the video). Below you’ll find the finished studio version. Vocals, guitars, recording & mixing by Rudy,  … Read more

DIY Guitar Upgrade: stratocaster mini humbucker (from China)

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Upgrading your guitar, especially a stratocaster, telecaster or les paul model, isn’t too difficult. You can buy complete kits for it, or just put in some new pickups yourself. A few years ago I build a stratocaster from material left over from other guitar kits. I “painted” it by mixing ink and water and rub  … Read more

Every Guitar has it’s own song .. SAMICK Greg Bennett GD-101

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Some time ago I heard a guitarplayer say, when he got a new guitar, “I’m curious what songs this guitar will teach me”. I happen to agree with that. Everytime I pick up another guitar, songs come out that couldn’t have happened on a different guitar.. This week I’ve bought a new guitar at an  … Read more

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