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Isabando Fantasia #1 SoundClick

Solid Rock Blues Band Charts at SoundClick

Isabando FantasiaAvailable now! Isabando Fantasia, an instrumental blues rock song with influences from The Shadows and the famous Dutch Indorock bands from the sixties! Available at SoundCloud and SoundClick exclusivly!

The name of the song is a mashup of the brand names of the guitars used. Hondo, Samick, Ibanez. I have been influenced by The Shadows and the “indorock” bands like almost everyone in the Netherlands my age (or older). It was the instrumental rockmusic that was on the radio a lot of course in the fifties and sixties and my parents had a collection of these albums. And it was still on the radio when I grew up.

If you like guitars with delay and reverb this is your song. Get if for free!

The song was written and recorded last weekend at the LoftStudio and in the song you hear three different guitars, including a vintage Hondo guitar (the one you hear on the left) and the Ibanez Hollow Body (on the right).

After the release on Sunday (July 10th) the song went straight into the charts at SoundClick and is now at #4 in the subcharts already and #9 in the main charts.

On July 12th it hit #1 in the subcharts and #2 in the main charts!


Isabando Fantasia

About the recording

Drums: Digitech SDRUM
Guitars: Ibanez AS53-TF, Hondo H-175, Samick Greg Bennett
Bass: Harley Benton MM84ASB

DAW: Ardour, Final Mix: Mixbus


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