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Album Review “Down for the Count” on Drooble

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Drooble, the social music website, reviewed the album “Down for the Count” today on their blog. Here’s the full text. Almost needless to say we’re very happy with this review (we, yes. Since even though it’s a solo project there are co-writers involved). A guitar player and singer from the Netherlands, Rudy Brinkman has all  … Read more

Multitrack Recording Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD

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The Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD is a 4 in/4 out audio interface allowing you to record up to 4 intstruments or vocals at the same time. The 4 inputs all have 48v Phantom power and are equipped with fantastic “dead silent” Midas pre-amps. It’s a step up from the cheapest models with Xenyx pre-amps. This makes it  … Read more

Recording using Linux is not professional!

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Some time ago I was discussing recording software with an online friend of mine. He stated that “none of the professional studios uses Linux”. Or similar words. Is that so? Is recording using Linux not professional?  I happen to have a ‘recording career’ at my home studio using Windows software. I’ve used many programs over  … Read more

Every Guitar has it’s own song .. SAMICK Greg Bennett GD-101

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Some time ago I heard a guitarplayer say, when he got a new guitar, “I’m curious what songs this guitar will teach me”. I happen to agree with that. Everytime I pick up another guitar, songs come out that couldn’t have happened on a different guitar.. This week I’ve bought a new guitar at an  … Read more

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