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Cheap Home Studio? FREE Studio Software! Magix Samplitude Pro for Windows

An easy to use and (more-or-less) free DAW is Magix Samplitude Pro for Windows. It comes with several hardware units like Miditiech’s Audiolink III. It’s an “OEM” product, but you can also download it from the website of manufacturer.

DIY Recording at home doesn’t have to cost much. Of course there’s the Linux solution, as we use. But since most people have a laptop or computer running Windows, it’s easier for them using a Windows DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on their computer. Especially since they’re not willing to invest time and money learning the “complicated” (NOT!) Linux OS and buying new hardware (you could, however buy a used computer or laptop).

Problem is, most of the Windows-solutions are expensive or not that easy to use. An easy to use and (more-or-less) free DAW is Magix Samplitude Pro for Windows. Other low-budget alternatives are program’s like Mixcraft or Reaper. Another alternative I haven’t looked into yet is Tracktion. That’s avaliable for all platforms, just like Ardour btw, also.

Anyway, I found Magix’s program at this website. Back in 2004(!) I already bought Magix Music Studio and used it on Windows2000. When I changed to WindowsXP it had some problems and when I switched to Windows7 my Music Studio stopped working. Samplitude looks a lot like the software Magix has been producing over the decades and had a familiar look and feel for me. It’s easy to use, stable and .. free. You can find the download at this website.

In the video I show you how to register the software and how to do a basic mix of a song.

Pro’s and Con’s

The pro’s are: it’s a fully functional DAW and offers high quality sound and effects. It allows you to export to WAV, FLAC, ACC and MP3. The Con’s? Only 8 tracks (but that’s more than enough for most people!) and a limited number of effects per track.

It does. however, support VST’s, VSTi’s, BPM changes for the full project, and everything else you’d need to do a proefessional home- or demo-recording. So, get it while it’s still availble!

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