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Special Kind of Cruel (pre​-​release)

Special Kind of Cruel - Afbeelding van Amy via Pixabay

As of this week the pre-release of a new album has been made available on BandCamp. The EP-version of the album, Special Kind of Cruel, contains four songs and is available for free streaming and there’s also a paid download available at BandCamp.

The album includes only original songs including two brand new songs: Gas Guzzler and The Letters.

The full album will contain somewhere between 8 tot 10 tracks and released later this year.

» Visit bandcamp to listen/download the EP.

The Letters

The Letters is a song including, besides acoustic and electric guitars, some beautiful violin parts. “Letters holding words and promises. Now it’s all in writing.”

Special Kind of Cruel

It has taken several months(!) to finish the title song “Special Kind of Cruel”. The title song “Special Kind of Cruel” was Initially an experiment to write a text with Artificial Intelligence. But AI doesn’t work for a songwriter like Rudy. So he rewrote the whole song. Then, with the exception of the drum tracks, to re-record all tracks several times.. Until there was a result that was satisfactory.

Gas Guzzler

Gas Guzzler, a tongue in cheek song about cars, and how she doesn’t like it’s fuel consumption.. It opens the album and is an up-tempo rock song. Below is the video that was made for this song. The video was created using free stock video.

It’s also availble at Spotify!

Thoughts and Prayers

After a 3rd remix the song Thoughts and Prayers is now finally finished. A video has been published and the previous version of the song has been pulled back from Spotify and other streaming services since we, after all, didn’t like the version as it was published previously.

Thoughts And Prayers ft. Jay Hud. Rocksong mixed up with Rap. A true Crossover! Thoughts And Prayers is a song about the mass shootings in the USA. The song is a co-write of three songwriters: Jesse (Jay Hud), James & Rudy.


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