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Official Video for “Wine…” (if the bottle would be empty)

A new video has been released for the song “Wine (if the bottle would be empty)” on Youtube yesterday. The video for the track, the opening track of the new EP “Morning Ritual” is the second video we made for a track from this new EP.

All tracks are available for free streaming at BandCamp.


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DIY Guitar Upgrade: stratocaster mini humbucker (from China)

Upgrading your guitar, especially a stratocaster, telecaster or les paul model, isn’t too difficult. You can buy complete kits for it, or just put in some new pickups yourself. A few years ago I build a stratocaster from material left over from other guitar kits. I “painted” it by mixing ink and water and rub it into the wood. After that I sprayed clear lacquer over the body and put oil on the neck.

For some years I hardly played on it. It is a nice guitar and it plays very well, it has, for example, a very low action, I already had a stratocaster (Fender Starcaster) though. Some time ago I bought a “mini humbucker” from Geek (or eBay, I’m not sure). Anyway, I spend almost nothing on it. To see if it was any good, I put it into my DIY stratocaster.

Here’s the now upgraded and finished guitar. I love how it looks and how it plays. Even though the mini humbucker or ‘hotrod’ doesn’t turn out that good. Combined with the middle pickup it does give a nice ‘growl’ especially if you use some overdrive or distortion on your amp.



In the video below you can hear how the guitar sounds now. I played it over my Fame (Fender copy) amp, with a touch of reverb on it and I go trough all the positions with the selector.



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Sing me a Song (free download)

Today I’ve recorded “Sing Me A Song”, a free song available on SoundCloud (and Audiomack also soon) in my studio. It’s less than two minutes(!) and the full lyrics are included at soundcloud. I’ve posted a short demo of it before. Including a video.

The song was recorded using Ardour Studio (here’s a video about the small and low budget studio I operate) and for the acoustic guitar I’ve used my Washburn guitar. For recording this great acoustic guitar I’ve used a (very) cheap Chinese pickup I’ve bought some time ago (video/demo). I also added a condenser mic in front of it, so it’s got two sound sources in the recording giving it more depth and ‘space’.

For drums and bass I’ve used my Digitech Trio pedal and finaclly the electric guitar is my Fender “Starcaster” Stratocaster on rhythm and lead guitar. For this guitar I used the JoYo “American” pedal. A superb pedal that works very nice with Fender guitars but also with my Gretsch of course.

Finally I recorded the vocals using my BM-800 mic. One of the best condenser mic’s you can get for the money, paid less than $20 dollar for it!


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Sing Me A Song (acoustic demo)

Today I felt inspired to do a short acoustic song. Instead of recording a full version in the studio, I recorded a (demo) version on video. It’s available on Youtube.

I’ve recorded it using my Sony Cybershot camera and afterwards did some minor editing using Sony Movie Studio. Some compression added on the audio but other than that, it’s as it is. Just a live demorecording, recorded in one take in my living room.

Feel free to share if you like it or perhaps give it a ‘thumbs up’ on Youtube.


“Sing me a Song”.

All rights ©2018 Solid Rock Blues Band

Hey Singer, Sing me a song
Hey Singer, don’t make it too long
I want a sweet song,
I want a short song,
I want a love song

Hey Poet, Write me some lines
Hey Poet, and make it divines
I want some sweet lines,
I want some short lines,
I want them to be mine

Hey Painter, paint me a cart
Hey Painter, make sure it’s art,
I want some sweet lines,
I want colorful lines,
It has to be refined

Hey Singer, Sing me a song
Hey Singer, don’t make too it long

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Every Guitar has it’s own song .. SAMICK Greg Bennett GD-101

Some time ago I heard a guitarplayer say, when he got a new guitar, “I’m curious what songs this guitar will teach me”. I happen to agree with that. Everytime I pick up another guitar, songs come out that couldn’t have happened on a different guitar..

This week I’ve bought a new guitar at an online auction – a SAMICK Greg Bennett GD-101 SCE/N. For a short review of the guitar, done the day it arrived, see the video below.

When strumming and testing the guitar I played a simple chord progression (C-F-G-C) and suddenly I made up a few words that fitted the playing (imho). I sang the words and recorded them with my smartphone and took the guitar into the studio, .. And so here it is, one of the shortest songs I’ve ever recorded. In case the below doesn’t work for you, use this link to listen. Oh, and,.. it’s a free download.

I’m positive this will be the new ‘acoustic workhorse’ for my studio. It’s a great electro-acoustic guitar and the Fishman preamp has a fantastic sound. The acoustic sound is something I’ll need to get used to I’m afraid. I’ve been playing a Washburn guitar for over 12 years and that guitar had a very distinct sound that I really loved but failed to capture it in the studio in such a way that I liked it enough. I did use it in some recordings but most of the time mixed “far away” as an additional guitar.



Please note, the first part is the guitar’s sound as the camera picks it up. The second part is the same music but it was recorded trough my computer from the guitar’s preamp. I ran it trough a “Karaoke Mixer” to my computer. It’s not studio-grade quality but will give a good impression I think.



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