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Recording with Ardour Studio and Digitech Trio Band Creator

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A video about how I record songs in the studio using Ardour Studio software and Digitech Band Creator. I do not always use Band Creator, but in this case I did. ► UPDATE – there’s a new section with video’s about recording available on this page. Many have wondered how to record with Band Creator in  … Read more

Sing me a Song (free download)

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Today I’ve recorded “Sing Me A Song”, a free song available on SoundCloud (and Audiomack also soon) in my studio. It’s less than two minutes(!) and the full lyrics are included at soundcloud. I’ve posted a short demo of it before. Including a video. The song was recorded using Ardour Studio (here’s a video about  … Read more

Sing Me A Song (acoustic demo)

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Today I felt inspired to do a short acoustic song. Instead of recording a full version in the studio, I recorded a (demo) version on video. It’s available on Youtube. I’ve recorded it using my Sony Cybershot camera and afterwards did some minor editing using Sony Movie Studio. Some compression added on the audio but other  … Read more

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